Camping Frontera Park is a  bungalow park located at the entrance of Andorra. Our mission is to accommodate our guests and offer them the best of our services to those that decide to visit us. This is what we have done troughout our 30-year history and what we will continue doing looking forward.


Our bungalows-chalets are the best option for those who want to visit Andorra as well as enjoying our natural surroundings. They are located in the middle of a valley sculpted by the Pyrennees mountains and they were built completely with natural wood.


On the other hand, those who love campsites can also enjoy his stay in a traditional atmosphere created throughout these 30 years in our premium facilities.


The bungalows-chalets (100% made with natural wood) are a great option to spend your holidays both in summer and winter time 


Our location allows our customers to both enjoy the natural surroundings of the campsite while staying close to all the places of interest that there are in Andorra 

Camping frontera bungalow park

Situat a les portes d'Andorra al fons d'un vall fluvial esculpida pels Pirineus, el camping Frontera bungalow park és d'aquells campings de muntanya ideal per disfrutar de la natura

Localizado a las puertas de Andorra en el fondo de un valle fluvial de los Pirineros, el camping Frontera bungalow park es uno de esos campings ideales para disfrutar la naturaleza

Located at the entrance of Andorra and at the bottom of a valley sculpted by the Pyrenees, camping Frontera bungalow park is one of those campings perfect to enjoy the nature


Ctra de Andorra (N-145), km.8 

La Farga de Moles, Lérida, 25799

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TEL: (+34) 973 351427  

E-MAIL: info@fronterapark.com

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